Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pics of Dougie

Here he is...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dougie is home!!!

We got to leave the hoapital today, Dougie is a whopping 4lb2oz...;)  eating like a champ, and he is doing great...have to go pick up DD and surprisse her!!! 

So much to little time!

LOL, this is the last time that I leave everything until last minute.  Technically we didn't wait unti lthe last minute as DD came at a more "normal" time...but babies don't wait!  Especially when my body had been preparing for months.  One of the nurses on last night kept commenting on how DS is a complete miracle...her DS was born at 34 weeks and was in a level II nursery until he was 40 weeks (he had many issues, she had the same thing that I did but her DS didn't tolerate things well). 

DS had his circumcision yesterday, carseat test is today, and I have been hearing rumors that he will come home today!  If not, I am guessing he will be home tomorrow.  I am in a frenzy doing all of my nesting that I didn't have the chance to do when I was pregnant (thankfully I didn't as I am sure things would have happened sooner as I was out of breath just getting up to use the bathroom). 

I talked to an awesome nurse last night (same one that had the DS in the hospital until his EDD) and mentioned that I was scared to get pregnant again (not like it is an easy occurrence for me though) as if this happens again I could get Pre-e and HELLP syndrome again (VERY likely) and that freaks me out.  DH wants to talk about it all again after we hear about the condition of the placenta that they sent off (curious about that).  If things look ok and my OB gives us the go ahead I will ask him to send me back to the infertility doc. 

I sit here and wonder if I have long term liver damage?  LOL, funny that I ask that as I had no concern on my drinking binges in my early 20's...:)  Amazing how things change when children are born...:):):)

Off to move some clothes to the dryer (crib sheets, bedskirt, baby clothes, etc)...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I don't like crappy nurses.

So I had an 830 feeding tonight, the baby decided to poop all over the place while he had been BF for a few minutes.  I changed his diaper (long process as it was nasty) and the nurse had gotten a bottle ready for me.  So instead of finishing up BF I gave him the bottle.  He wasn't too interested, he finished almost all of it but the nurse had to feed the rest to him in his NG tube.  That will set us back a day or so on discharge.  It made me so mad that she had to do that as the other nurses that have been on shift the last few days (minus one nurse) had no issues. 

I have to remember that 1 or 2 extra days in the level II nursery won't matter in the long run but it sure does hurt me now...:(  Hoping that my next feeding in 30 minutes goes much better...


Thanks to all the ICLW-ers that have stopped by my blog the last week...much appreciated!  As many of you can understand I haven't had the time to stop by many blogs since ICLW started to comment...I did however comment before it started on quite a few blogs..guess it was my body telling me to get to work before I knew what was going to happen.  Just like I called around about circumcision before I knew I would go into labor 4 hours later and that our green team baby was a boy...LOL  Mother's intuition?  I am beginning to think so now. 

So again...thanks for stopping by, next time I sign up I swear to comment 2+ times!  :)  Off to shower and visit my prince in the hospital...another long day!  That is fine though as this is my job until I have to go back to work...:(  Sucks as my maternity leave is going to dwindle down to nothing and then before i Know it I will be back at work...poop.   

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One step closer to home...

A nurse practitioner told me the other day to call my insurance company to see if they would pay for a lteral transfer to a hospital closer to my house.  I called and the insurance company agreed!  As long as everything goes well tonight and tomorrow we will get that transfer tomorrow at 3:30pm!  When I say closer to my house I mean it is literally 5 blocks...:) 

Another nurse was talking to me today and said that she wouldn't be surprised if he is released sooner than we all thought, he is eating like a champ and that is what holds preemies back from an early release...:)  As long as he bottle feeds well then I am guessing we have less than a few weeks to bring home that little man!  The last 4 days hav e been just awesome.  Minus the spinal headache that pops up every now and then...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

He continues to astonish the docs and nurses...:)

Baby Dougie has only made progress since he was born.  He is doing great on feedings (BF champ already!), IV was taken out today, and he is just the greatest baby!  I really feel lucky...Today I saw a full-term baby being admitted to the special care nursery and not even an hour later she was being rushed to the NICU.  It is amazing how fast things can change. 

One of the hardest things I have had to deal with is leaving the hospital without my baby.  I cry quite a bit every day when I have to leave.  It is amaxing that I was able to stay at the hospital all weekend (in a special parent room for babies in the special care nursery).  Yesterday was the first day that I left, made me a bit nervous as I was scared they wouldn't have enough milk....they did though.  When I went in this morning the nurse explained that he was pretty upset that mom wasn't there to provide some boobie satisfaction.  That first feeding (5am this morning) he was ravenous!  They fed him through a tube in his nose, but that just didn't do it for him.  LOL.  He did great all day, they keep increasing his food volume (through the tube) and I let him breastfeed.  I am guessing that they will change the volume of his feeding again as I am giving him a lot from breastfeeding, depends on how long I BF how luch they will give through his tube.

Great news more IV!  I was told that they were thinking of taking it out this evening and that if there was an issue with it before that then they wouldn't restart an IV, they just tested his blood sugar a few times to make sure he was doing ok without the IV and he was!  The IV had started to leak, took me a few minhutes to figure out why I smelled like vitamins....his IV was leaking all over me. 

Gotta get to pumping, once more then wake up super early to get ready to go spend all day with my prince...


Monday, March 21, 2011

Severe Pre-e and HELLP syndrome = Charlie is here, my 33 week preemie

Sorry I haven't posted in a week+.  I went to drill last Saturday and got my BP read - it was 182/105 when I was resting.  I left drill after I was done for the day, went home, and a friend brought me to my local hospital.  I got admitted to L&D, constant monitoring of my BP, all readings were high.  I took a urine test and it was + for protein (quite a bit I guess).  Next thing I knew I was getting a steroid shot in my butt to mature Charlie's lungs and I was told I was being transferred to a hospital with a NICU.  The ambulance guys got there and started magnesium sulfate (anti seizure IV meds) and we started the drive to the hospital I was being transferred to. 

Once I got to the hospital with the NICU I had an u/s, DH and I were told that the baby wasn't measuring correctly.  I was a bit out of it already due to the mag sulfate.  I was told that I could be in the hospital for a few days or a few weeks, just depended on how my body reacted.  No one really told me what was going on, just that I was going to be spending some time on a high risk maternity floor until I got stable (BP was insanely high).  On Monday evening I was transferred to long term pregnancy bed rest floor.  I was there that night, and the next day...a few nurses even commented that I was looking great and might be going home on strict bedrest and BP meds.  Yea...then late that afternoon (Tues) I got this horrible pain below my ribs.  I explained the pain to my nurse, she started constant monitoring of my BP.  In less than 30 min it went from a mild pre-e BP to severe pre-e BP.  My BP couldn't come down no matter if I was on my side or anything.  I got moved back to the high risk floor and the perinatologist came in to tell me she was breaking my water.  She checked first and I was 2cm, 50% effaced, and -1.  After breaking my water the pain just got more intense (at this pint I figured out it was my liver) and the doc finally let me have some pain meds.  They worked!  Then the pain started creeping back, I asked for the epi (contractions weren't hurting but I was hoping the liver pain would go away).  The epi worked to take the edge off of the contractions but the other pain was insane.  I can't describe it, other than I would rather birth my 8lb little girl again with no epi.  I haved a high tolerance for pain and I couldn't handle it.  I wanted to cut my own liver out.  So the doc agreed to give me the pain meds again...I went from being stalled at 4cm to complete in 20 min.

Once I felt the baby right there we moved down to a operating room, I pushed lightly twice and little Charlie was born!  DH said Charlie poked his head out and looked all around trying to figure out the world before he was even out all the way.  Once I pushed that second time they laid his tiny body on my chest and I got to look at him for a quick second.  The NICU doc took him away to get him breathing right.  I laid there...I was so out of it...all the drugs and pain had completely drained me, physically and emotionally.  I was wheeled back into my room (pain came back and I needed more meds) and I really wasn't told much (DH filled me in about Charlie) as I think the docs and nurses didn't want to worry me about how sick I really was.

I am still a bit foggy about what happened and when (all I know is that I was insanely sick and I am grateful that I was where I was and not at home or driving somewhere or that DH was called back to Japan), but I am ecstatic to say that our little 33 weeker was born at 3lbs9oz and 16.5in long (found out yesterday that he is an IUGR baby and that definitely helped him to stay out of the NICU).  He has been breathing on his own since birth, and has hit milestones that normal 33 weekers don't usually hit until much later (breastfeeding champ!!!).  I just got home from the hospital today (released on Friday) as I have been staying at the hospital taking care of baby Dougie in the special care nursery at his care sessions every 3 hours.  I didn't want to come home, but I know that it is probably the best for my sanity not to spend every waking moment there.

Some of the docs and nurses said I should call my insurance to see if I can get a lateral transfer from the larger hospital to the one in my town (the only reason we were transferred to the larger one is that they have a NICU and I was less than 33 weeks when admitted), my insurance said they would do the transfer so now we are waiting until Dougie is off of the IV and we can get things going on that...we are so lucky as he is in a level II nursery, no NICU has been needed for this strong little man...:)  Our miracle boy that almost wasn't here...

Friday, March 11, 2011

How much swelling is normal?

I am definitely off to google this, but at 32 + 5 days I am insanely swollen.  I have no ankle bones, my legs are swollen past my knees, my left foot has been tingling and hurting all day, etc.  Makes me a bit nervous, especially as I have to wear military boots all day tomorrow and Sunday...:(  I might head into the medical department tomorrow to get a BP reading just to see how that is going.  If bad I will go into the ER when I get home from work.  I drink a gallon of water every day, but I don't "go" like I have been this pregnancy.  Nervous to weigh myself.

Thankfully Charlie is moving nicely tonight...

My doc must think I am psycho...

So at my appt on Wed I talked to the doc about all of these weird symptoms.  I told him I had right side pains with DD, but I never got dx with anything (they didn't have me take a pee test to check for urine and then the midwife told me the pain on my R side was heartburn, all this after she noted my swelling and huge amount of weight gain).  I mentioned something about having DD at 38 weeks and the OB (at my appt on Wed) kinda said he thought I was term with her....uh, no...I even put it on the paperwork that I filled out for him a few months ago that I had DD at 38 weeks.  So now I wonder if I will be on weekly appts or if my appt on the 16th will show no protein and then he will want to see me again in 2 weeks?  I guess I will have to wait, unless things get worse after this weekend...

There was a definite question as to when my EDD was with DD as I had an u/s at 8 or 9 weeks but the machine was crappy and they couldn't do measurements (we were overseas with the military = crappy equipment), so they said I was about 8-9 weeks based on size and when my cycle started.  THEN at my 20 week u/s (I was 23 weeks) they told me that she was measuring 20 weeks...they changed my EDD from June 16th to July 8th.  DH and I about died...adding another 3 weeks on to my pregnancy?  Craziness.  Ok, I gave them a we all know O date and implantation can differ by days...

So when I went in to have DD I was guestimating that I was about 41 weeks, but I was 38 to them (military).  So when DD came out at over 8lbs of course they thought there were things wrong...LOL.  She was fine. 

Anyway, the OB this time around has given me much better care.  I hated him for so long (as I was having issues proving to him that I was infertile before DD and he didn't believe that I was suffering from SIF), but you know what?  Now I really really like the guy.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

32 weeks appt...

Well, I talked to my regular OB about everything that has been going on.  I will be going in again next week for an appointment, and a urine check.  He was concerned about my weight gain (almost 20lbs in a month) and is keeping a close watch on things.  So I am guessing that depending on my appt next week I might be doing weekly visits a bit early.  Hopefully I haven't gained another 5lbs by next week...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Appointment today (and again on Wed)

After seeing that many of the symptoms I have been having could be a sign of pre-e I am going in this afternoon to get checked out. 

I mentioned to the nurse the symptoms I have been having, plus the symptoms I had with DD - pain under my right rib, severe weight gain (gained 70lbs and half of that was in the last month of pregnancy), swelling, etc.  I don't remember ever being checked for pre-e so we'll see what happens this afternoon!  Still have to write down my symptoms so I don't forget...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 25 pounds at last appointment. Next appt on Wed.  I know I have gained a bit more (at least 5lbs).

Maternity clothes: Definitely. And they are great!

Stretch marks: No new ones.

Sleep: Getting up a lot at night now.

Movement: Pretty much any time now. Love it when I am standing and can feel it well above the belly button.

Cravings: Still having salty cravings...pickles, olives, etc.
Gender: exciting to do it this way!!!

Symptoms: Swelling, definitely (almost to the point of hurting now). No more rings for me!  Constipation, heartburn at weird times (after drinking water yesterday??)

What I miss: Not a whole lot...minus sushi.  DH came back from a 3 week working vacation and told me all about the sushi.  Jerk...:)

What I look forward to: Meeting this little miracle.

Moods: Feeling good! And a bit tired...

Milestones: And yet another week down!

Medical Concerns: I think the swelling might start to be a concern, my blood pressure read a little high last weekend at drill (140-something over 90 or 100 something when usually it is 110 over 60, I will be sure to mention that at my appt Wed), I was standing at work the other day and saw stars (more like black floaters) and I have had a few dull headaches off and on, and I have had a few heart palpitations in the last few days also. 
Weekly Wisdom: Eh, not much wisdom this week...LOL
Best moment this week: Meeting DH at the airport yesterday with DD. 
Worst moment this week: Probably would have to be the floater thingies that I saw.  That was a bit concerning. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I think back about 6 years and I laugh.  I was an emotional basketcase when I was pregnant with DD.  Seriously, DH went to the wrong grocery store and I broke down and sobbed.  I think about the look on his face and I laugh (now). 

This time around?  Things are a bit different, not as emotional during this pregnancy (although certain songs will come on the radio on my way to work and I will get weepy...and I don't listen to weepy music).  makes me wonder who is growing in there...boy?  Girl?  If things go as they did for DD we will know in about 6 weeks...that scares me as I am not ready at all.  Furniture is still on order (8-12 weeks from when I was 26 weeks?!?!?!?!?), baby's room is still a wreck (need to move some boxes and non-baby items out of there), and I am just not as prepared as I was with DD.  Amazing how different everything this time around is.

Lifting up my water glass....Here's to 32 weeks!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

31 weeks...

How far along: 31 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 25 pounds.  At my appt last week my OB was pretty shocked that I gained 11lbs in 2 weeks, but I have been fluctuating a bit so really it is only 7lbs in 7 weeks...that's what he said and he is looking at that pretty close I guess.  Eh, I knew it would start to creep on!

Maternity clothes: Definitely.  And they are great!

Stretch marks: No new ones.

Sleep: Been doing ok with sleep.  Minus the fact that DD thinks it is ok to make her way to my bed in the middle of the night...:)

Movement: Pretty much any time now.  Love it when I am standing and can feel it well above the belly button...

Cravings: This pregnancy doesn't really have me craving certain things...well, I am not craving sweets like I was with DD, so wondering if DH's grandma is right (about this one being a boy)?
Gender: exciting to do it this way!!!
Symptoms: Swelling, definitely (almost to the point of hurting now).  No more rings for me!
What I miss: Not a whole lot.

What I look forward to: Meeting this little miracle.

Moods: Feeling good!  And a bit tired...

Milestones: Another week down!

Medical Concerns: I think the swelling might start to be a concern, but my blood pressure has been ok (minus at my military physical for the reserves this weekend, it was a bit high then). 
Weekly Wisdom:  Mid-calf military boots are not a pregnant woman's best friend.  I will take a pic in a few weeks when I have reserve duty again and post them on here.  It was disgusting to see how bad my calves swelled up!
Best moment this week:  Friday will be awesome as DH comes back from being overseas for about 3 weeks...
Worst moment this week:  Haven't had a worst moment.  Hoping not to!