Friday, March 11, 2011

How much swelling is normal?

I am definitely off to google this, but at 32 + 5 days I am insanely swollen.  I have no ankle bones, my legs are swollen past my knees, my left foot has been tingling and hurting all day, etc.  Makes me a bit nervous, especially as I have to wear military boots all day tomorrow and Sunday...:(  I might head into the medical department tomorrow to get a BP reading just to see how that is going.  If bad I will go into the ER when I get home from work.  I drink a gallon of water every day, but I don't "go" like I have been this pregnancy.  Nervous to weigh myself.

Thankfully Charlie is moving nicely tonight...


  1. Is the swelling going down at all if you elevate? I am back to being uber worried - go see the doc!!!

  2. I think "normal" can vary quite a bit - and even though I had a diagnosis of pre-e in both my pregnancies, I had lots of swelling in the first and none at all in the second. So it's hard to say. Swelling alone is not necessarily indicative of a problem, but you're right to keep an eye on the blood pressure. It might not hurt to get a battery-operated cuff that you can use at home to monitory your BP. Kudos to you for drinking all that water! It's not easy!

    Strong movements are great, aren't they? Go Charlie!

    What I was told by the prenatal specialist I saw is that pre-e and hypertension are just tricky b/c everything becomes so unpredictable. Lying down on your left side as much as possible is the best thing you can do (lying on the left side increases blood flow to the baby).

    Hang in there!!! Thinking of you often!

  3. I've never had swelling but doesn't sound normal! I hope you are being monitored very closely!

  4. That doesn't sound too normal to me, either! I hope your doc can tell you some reassuring info - have you talked to them?

    In the meantime, remember that the more you drink, the more ends up in your feet. Don't get dehydrated, but don't force fluids - it's an old wives tale that drinking more when you're swollen will help "flush things out."