Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So much to do...so little time!

LOL, this is the last time that I leave everything until last minute.  Technically we didn't wait unti lthe last minute as DD came at a more "normal" time...but babies don't wait!  Especially when my body had been preparing for months.  One of the nurses on last night kept commenting on how DS is a complete miracle...her DS was born at 34 weeks and was in a level II nursery until he was 40 weeks (he had many issues, she had the same thing that I did but her DS didn't tolerate things well). 

DS had his circumcision yesterday, carseat test is today, and I have been hearing rumors that he will come home today!  If not, I am guessing he will be home tomorrow.  I am in a frenzy doing all of my nesting that I didn't have the chance to do when I was pregnant (thankfully I didn't as I am sure things would have happened sooner as I was out of breath just getting up to use the bathroom). 

I talked to an awesome nurse last night (same one that had the DS in the hospital until his EDD) and mentioned that I was scared to get pregnant again (not like it is an easy occurrence for me though) as if this happens again I could get Pre-e and HELLP syndrome again (VERY likely) and that freaks me out.  DH wants to talk about it all again after we hear about the condition of the placenta that they sent off (curious about that).  If things look ok and my OB gives us the go ahead I will ask him to send me back to the infertility doc. 

I sit here and wonder if I have long term liver damage?  LOL, funny that I ask that as I had no concern on my drinking binges in my early 20's...:)  Amazing how things change when children are born...:):):)

Off to move some clothes to the dryer (crib sheets, bedskirt, baby clothes, etc)...

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