Sunday, March 27, 2011

I don't like crappy nurses.

So I had an 830 feeding tonight, the baby decided to poop all over the place while he had been BF for a few minutes.  I changed his diaper (long process as it was nasty) and the nurse had gotten a bottle ready for me.  So instead of finishing up BF I gave him the bottle.  He wasn't too interested, he finished almost all of it but the nurse had to feed the rest to him in his NG tube.  That will set us back a day or so on discharge.  It made me so mad that she had to do that as the other nurses that have been on shift the last few days (minus one nurse) had no issues. 

I have to remember that 1 or 2 extra days in the level II nursery won't matter in the long run but it sure does hurt me now...:(  Hoping that my next feeding in 30 minutes goes much better...


  1. That stinks.. It seems like that could have been handled differently... Are you allowed to give input or do they just do what they want anyway?

    But you are right.. a day or two extra doesn't matter in the long run.

    How is your daughter doing with the new baby?

  2. I they all know that nurse was crazy...
    My DD is handling everything well, she and SH put together the crib last night...:)