Sunday, March 27, 2011


Thanks to all the ICLW-ers that have stopped by my blog the last week...much appreciated!  As many of you can understand I haven't had the time to stop by many blogs since ICLW started to comment...I did however comment before it started on quite a few blogs..guess it was my body telling me to get to work before I knew what was going to happen.  Just like I called around about circumcision before I knew I would go into labor 4 hours later and that our green team baby was a boy...LOL  Mother's intuition?  I am beginning to think so now. 

So again...thanks for stopping by, next time I sign up I swear to comment 2+ times!  :)  Off to shower and visit my prince in the hospital...another long day!  That is fine though as this is my job until I have to go back to work...:(  Sucks as my maternity leave is going to dwindle down to nothing and then before i Know it I will be back at work...poop.   

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