Thursday, December 22, 2011


So, I haven't been the best blogger in the world.  Eh, whatever. 

I am truly lucky.  Lucky to have the children that I was blessed with, lucky to have a great career (um, 2 of them), lucky to have the best DH a woman could have, and lucky to be alive.  I am truly happy, yet I long for another child.  It is hard to explain to my friends that have never dealt with IF, but how does one know that they are finished having children?  I am not sure that a number can be placed on how many children I would like to have.  DH laughed when I told him that.  I know it will be a struggle for both of us as we work opposite shifts, but a few years of that will benefit our bank account, and will give both of us lots of time with the kids. 

And...I will start Metformin tonight.  And I WILL open the paperwork that arrived in the mail from the RE.  Tonight. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

And it starts again....

So the decision has been made.  The RE's office got a call from me today.  I am waiting on my next AF and then I will call them back (well...I will call them after 35 days of no AF which will be in early January), then I start BCP and schedule an HSG.  Then it is on to Lupron!  For now I can get started back on Metformin. 

I "might" get a good O close to Trey's 1st bday!  Holy crap.  We are trying this again...and not wasting time on Clomid. 

And yes, got the go ahead from all the docs!