Friday, June 3, 2011

Catching up...

Well, things have been great.  I sit and wonder how I fit it all in every day though.  Well...I don't I guess. 
We need a maid, and someone to mow the grass.  Why, you ask?  We are working opposite shifts.  Need I say more?  :)

So, little man is still waking every 3 or so hours (the only time he sleeps longer than this is when I fall asleep with him on the recliner which I know I shouldn't do but at 3am I tend to pass out in the recliner).  We have started cloth diapers, I have a large variety of them - prefolds and Thirsties covers, gdiapers, Best Bottom hybrid diaper (fav so far), and a few different kinds of pocket diapers.  Honestly, I have enough diapers to diaper that kid for a week without I am going to sell some of them.  That is a pretty cool thing about cloth, if I don't like it, someone out there will buy it! 

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  1. Glad things are going well with your sweet baby Trey. Awesome that your mom was able to visit for lots of grandson time. And YAY for the washer not being broken. :)