Monday, May 23, 2011


My Mom is in town...:)  Something happened at the airport (power outage) and she was delayed a day, but she is here now.  She is getting in a lot of time with Trey!  He has been sleeping through the night (almost, wakes for one feed) and I am super excited about that.  He still isn't big enough (tummy still too small) to sleep all the way through the night, but that is ok.  I usually end up on the recliner with him asleep on my chest or in my arms for a few hours before the sun comes up.  Oh, I left him with my Mom and got to go grocery shopping sans baby.  Completely different experience!  I forgot how nice that was.... 

Today I didn't get a nap...then I get to work and I had boring training.  I have now had 4 cups of is over and guess what?  I am wired!  And then we had 2 tests while in the training.  Good thing the guy training us (me and 1 other guy) wanted a beer really bad, we got some pointers on what would be on the tests and we both passed easily.  This training is to help with a new job they "blessed" me with at work.  Funny thing, people are retiring but new people aren't getting hired.  I have 4 different things that I work on here now, which is craziness!  I don't have enough time to help out in all those areas, good thing that they want me focusing on one area.  Oh, and programming isn't my thing...yet.  We'll see if I like it once I get the hang of it.

I might have to go out to California for a week of programming training...well, not might.  They have to send me as I am utterly clueless as to what I am doing.  I am hoping not to mess things up before I go to that training...and if so, I guess that will be my excuse.  Positive to all of this?  I am getting trained in something new and will be a bit more valuable to the company...:)

T-minus 34 days until Vegas...never been there this fat though.  Bummer.  Wish I could fit into my pre-pregnancy fat pants!  LOL

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