Monday, May 2, 2011

Due date.

Sometimes I think back and realize that May 2nd was a looooong time away from when Trey was born.  Crazy to think that almost 8 weeks ago he was brought into our lives.  His 2 month appt is coming up quick!!!  And I weighed him on our super scientific scale (HA!) and it looks like he almost weighs 7lbs now. 

Things have been a little plugged up in his system these days...poor guy.  We have been trying a few things that the nurses on the nurse line recommended.  So far they haven't worked so I will be calling back in a few days to report what has been happening.

Weight...:(  I have gained 5+lbs since I stopped BF.  So next week I will be hitting the dieting thing hard, not so much a diet as just eating much cleaner.  I have had this crazy sweets craving since I had the baby and I need to get over it or I will be 2 sizes larger than my norm forever!  So, 30lbs gained, 20lbs were lost and I have found 5-10lbs again...lovely.

Monday will be the day.  Starting a 7 day quick loss/cleanse.


  1. I am still 30 lbs up...only lost 15 and am STUCK there. Sigh. Good luck sweetie!

  2. :) I didn't even add that after I lose the baby weight I have another 20lbs to lose because of 2+ years on fertility drugs!!! LOL Wow, I am embarassed!

  3. I can't believe that your boy is 8 weeks old and I'm still waiting to deliver! Crazy.

    I have about 15-20 TTC pounds to lose, too - and I gained mine in 8 months instead of a whole two years. Yuck.