Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And I am back at work...

It was much easier than I thought, could be that the family in town has a lot to do with that, plus the fact that there is one of us with Trey 22(ish) hours a day. 

I didn't call the RE today, I was going to but then the day got away from me.  I will try to give them a call this week.  If things go right I could be TTC again by late summer (unless he lets me go earlier).  I am hoping...but at the same time I feel a bit scared as I was super sick and there is a huge chance that it will happen again...and with the drugs I will be on I wouldn't be surprised if we have many many follies ready.  Twins anyone? 

Oh, and I feel like a zombie today.  My throat is scratchy, I have some snot, and Trey has been having a rough time sleeping.  He sleeps great on my chest, but I fall asleep also and I am not sure that him being on my chest is the safest thing...his crib just isn't doing it for him.  He likes the pack and play better!  Life with a preemie?  Or am I just holding him too much?  Hummm...things to ponder...


  1. Back at work after pre-eclampsia and a preemie and you're already thinking of trying again? Wow, I'm in awe. Girl, you are TOUGH!!

  2. That is sweet! Thanks...:) I don't look so tough now though! Maybe after I lose the rest of this baby weight and about 15lbs after that! Workouts and protein shakes here I come! OKokok, after I finish the Reese's Easter candy!

  3. Only because he is in a formula coma does my kiddo spend any time in his cradle...the 2nd half of the night he is in bed with us. Simply hates being alone. He is on my chest as I write this, drifting in and out of sleep. Glad the return to work went okay!