Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 month checkup

2 month well baby - Trey is newborn size! He is on the chart now! He is in the 1% for height and weight (for a 2 month old), 8lbs 3oz, 21 inches long, and his head is in the 25%...LOL I knew his head was big. That is thanks to the intrauterine growth restriction (which I am glad he had as he got everything his brain needed). Shots were done, he didn't cry too much. I asked about his birthmarks, he has 2 kinds - he has a mongolian spot at the top of his butt (DD has one too but it is on her back and we have to make sure everyone knows about it or they think we beat her) and he has 3 hemangiomas. One of the hemangiomas might turn into a strawberry (1 is about half an eraser sized and the others are smaller). Thankfully they are all on his backside (the 2 of the hemangiomas are on his back and one is on his inner thigh). I am doing something right...little man is thriving...:)

Next appt is at 4 months...:)

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  1. WooHOo! Way to go little guy! Definitely sounds like you're doing it right, Erica. :)