Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thinking I won't be blogging as much...

Well, I keep losing followers, and really - I don't think many people read this.  I know I have readers...I think my blog is a great resource for others that struggle with some serious PCOS and IF, but with the minimal time I get every day I don't think I will be posting much.  I only have a few minutes at work to post as my home life is too busy! 

On that note, I think my washer might be about to break (about a year old!).  Great.  Hope the store we bought it at has a warranty. 


  1. Sorry about your washer. I hope it is just having heart burn or something minor. :D

    A thought: do you blog for your readers or for yourself? I find that if I blog for any potential readers, I don't always have the desire to continue on, especially if I am not getting any replies (which is most of the time). It isn't like a messageboard where people are there to talk/discuss all the time. blog as much as it makes you happy and fulfilled.

  2. I love reading it. I know you don't have a lot of time to chat on the phone, so this is how I keep up with you - well, besides FB. A lot of blogs I read use this as a journal of sorts. Love ya - just do what you can when you can.

    Sorry to hear about your washer. What kind is it? FB me sometime and let me know. Jer may be able to talk you through figuring out what it is.


  3. just blog whenever you need to.
    bummer about the washer, hope it is fixed quick.
    take care

  4. The busy home life you have is the best reason to slack off on blogging. You worked hard for this - spend your time enjoying it! Your blog and readers will be here waiting for you anytime you're inclined to write.