Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 month appointment for little man tomorrow!

I am so looking forward to his appointment tomorrow...I have a few questions to ask - like are the strawberries on his back and bum normal?  I found a bump on the back of his head and forgot to ask about it 6 weeks ago at his first appointment.  I will have to ask about the constipation.  And what I am most curious about is how much little man weighs!  I am beginning to think he is getting a bit long for some of his newborn clothes, the gerber pjs seem to run a bit small.

Also, I am meeting my friend at Children's...she posted pics of her little man today, he isn't breathing on his own and he is on feeding tubes in his belly.  I am going to try to help her as much as I can...they told her to expect him to be in there until her EDD (July), which is the same thing they told me.  I went out and bought some of my fav things for when Trey came home (some awesome baby lotion and body wash - unscented).  I am also giving her his preemie clothes, all except my fav baseball pjs.  I have to keep something so I can remember how small he really was!  Not every day that you have a 3lb 9oz-er...:)

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