Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Had my 6 week checkup today. Everything is good, doc recommended birth control, I told him I am not going on it (I dont' O on my own EVER) and I asked when he recommended we try again if we wanted another child. He said 6-8 months, then thought about my issues and all the mess with the infertility doc and then he changed his mind and said a year. WTH? I told him we wouldn't be waiting that long, he asked if we were in a hurry...LOL...yes! We were expecting to be done with TTC a long time ago (we have been trying for over 10 years). So then he said to call my infertility doctor and see what he recommends. I will be calling tomorrow! My OB didn't mention anything about the severe pre-e and HELLP syndrome, he did talk about the fact that the placenta didn't some out ok (came out in pieces and some had to be vacuumed out). Hoping to hear good things tomorrow!

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  1. You guys didn't talk about those complications at all??? Seems odd considering you were discussing another pregnancy! Moron. Looking forward to hearing what the RE says.