Wednesday, April 20, 2011

5 weeks ago...

5 weeks ago I had a nosebleed that wouldn't stop!  Oh, and I had just pushed out a 3 pound baby...:)

Trey is dong great!  He is still on the 3 hour schedule that he was on in the level II nursery.  He is taking 2oz nat every feeding (sometimes 3oz but that is not often), his bowels have gotten a bit plugged up since my milk dried up and we had to go to straight formula, bathtime is FUN!  LOL...not really, at least not yet.  He is not too fond of bathtime but I know that will change with time. 

Today starts the one week countdown and I will be headed back to work.  We have a family member flying in next week to help on Wed and Thurs (I have Fri off).  I work afternoons so it isn't like we need help all day, I just didn't want to put him in daycare at 6 weeks old...we have family coming to help until around June 1st...:)  But DH and I need to decide what will be done after that as I am not sure I want to put him in daycare at all.  I could ask to alter my hours or even cut them back so neither kid is in daycare, we will have to talk about it soon as the daycare provider needs an answer (she wasn't keen on watching him part-time as he will be taking a full-time position).  I am hoping to work out having him there part-time, at least until she has another kid that need the full-time spot...


  1. You're going back to work next week? Oh, that seems SO soon! At least you're working part time, which I guess keeps it from being too bad.

    And I really can't believe he's 5 weeks old! Crazy.

  2. Daycare is soooo hard! I could have swuung it so P was almost not in at all, but then my husband and I would never see each other. And that wasn't happening.

    P is at the 2oz point as well, any more than that and it just comes back up. Ick.

    Time flies! It sucks!

  3. Kakunaa - :) Yea, we don't see each other much when I am working anyway, so this should work out ok...