Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun times....

Thursday already?  I have so much to do before DH gets home (out of town for the military until next Friday).  I was supposed to have the spare room cleared out before he gets back (small items that are junking up the baby's room).  Yea, with the way that I have been feeling (sore..."down there" I rode a horse for days and days, I asked the doc and he said it is normal to feel pelvic bones move earlier in 2nd or later pregnancies) and all the sleeping I have been doing, I haven't done much at all.  I did move some stuff around in there and now it looks much worse.  LOL  Oh, and I did some laundry (yuck) and the dishes, yay me!

On a positive note, one of my IF/PAL friends (a real life friend) had her little girl a few days ago.  She was only 38 weeks, but that little girl was weighing in on ultrasounds at over 9lbs.  So they scheduled an induction and her little one was born at 8lbs 14oz.  I can't imagine how big she would have been if my friend didn't have her that early!  Wow!

I haven't posted my 30 week update...not much going on though, just the pelvic bone pain, OB appt yesterday was good, measuring right on track, heart beat was 138bpm, blood pressure is good and I have minimal swelling, no more rings for me...:)...uh, but I gained a bit of weight (to be expected).  I had lost some while in the hospital and during my sickness, I blame the weight loss on the fact that all I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was chicken noodle soup.  As of right now I have gained 24lbs (remembering that I had gained quite a bit before getting pregnant these last few years on all the IF drugs, my guesstimate is about 15lbs).  So the doc is happy with the weight gain, but honestly I thave always thought that my body will gain what it "needs" to in order to sustain a pregnancy.  I won't be dieting while pregnant, if I am hungry I will eat!  LOL.  I will watch my juice, hot chocolate, and empty calorie intake though...

Glad this week is almost over...:)

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  1. Your sick food choices are way better than mine - I was too sick to cook, and we didn't have any chicken noodle soup in the house - so I ate cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would have been better off with the soup.

    ICLW #12