Monday, January 3, 2011

First baby item

DH and I are definitely procrastinating this time around...funny, you would think that after 4 years of TTC and IF we would jump on it and get things done.  I am not sure what it is, the fact that we are finally pregnant, the fact we don't know the gender, or the fact that this is our 2nd baby and the feelings we got when we were pregnant with DD are not there.  It definitely feels different this time. 

I think we will go this weekend to look for a crib and dresser set.  We did purchase a baby swing (plugs in!) from a consignment store yesterday so that is out of the way.  If this little one is anything like DD we would have spent a ton of $ on batteries for a swing (like with DD).  I do have many many neutral outfits (plus all of DD's clothes) and small items for the new little one (toys, positioner, etc).

May 2nd really isn't that far is less than 4 months now.  Amazing that our lives are going to change so much in that short amount of time...:)

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  1. It really is creeping up on us isn't it? Ahhhh! So much to do! Have fun shopping!