Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It is amazing what reading an article can do to me.  I read an article in the Washington Post that was titled "Pain of infertility tears apart friendship".  Yep, it definitely can. 

Infertility is rough. I have suffered through it for all of my adult life. I was never open about my infertility until a few years ago (and in the last year I became a freak about telling every single person I talked to about my issues - which I feel really helped me, but probably annoyed the crap out of people, but eh, whatever.)  But now most of my friends and family know what I have gone through (and know a little more about infertility and the struggles many couples go through) and honestly, I feel better about it all.  What pains me is that there have been times that someone "judged" me for how I have gone about combating my IF.  Eh, I believe that medicine and science was put on Earth to help people in any way possible...:)
The thing about infertility is that either side (the person suffering from IF or the person not suffering from it) can say or do hurtful things to other people. Before I got pregnant this time I avoided pregnant women (which is a hard thing to do at this stage in life), I avoided baby showers/babiesrus (again, hard!), but I had to get try to get myself out of that depressed mood.  I started this blog to get my feelings out there and it helped me so much. It helped me to actually go to baby showers, I made a few diaper cakes (is it wrong to make one for yourself???), and I even helped a friend register at babiesrus...

Even though I am pregnant and I have a child I know that when we try again we will encounter the same issues.  Pregnancy doesn't cure IF.  I will always be infertile...but I will have a few earth angels along with my angel baby that looks down on me...:)

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  1. This is a lovely post, and I love your perspective!