Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thankful for my RE...

I was reading a blog just a few minutes ago and I realized that I am extremely lucky.  Lucky to be pregnant after 45 (or was it 46?) months of dealing with IF.  But also lucky that I had an RE that didn't skip right over injectable drugs and timed intercourse (or IUI) and have me go straight on to IVF (the gal in the blog didn't get into it, so there might be other underlying factors, plus DH and I had a child naturally although it did take 5 years to get pg with her). 

Getting diagnosed with PCOS does not mean that the only route to go is the IVF route (ok, I am no doc, but I have PCOS, a pretty bad case of it, and injectables finally got me to ovulate).  Sure, I overstimmed so bad that the RE's nurses eyes about popped out of her head when she saw the u/s and how many mature follies we hanging out on my ovaries...Heck, I think she even stopped counting at 20 follies...:)  I can look back now and smile.  Although I won't forget that pain....ever. 

So, yea.  I am feeling mighty lucky now, lucky and blessed to have Charlie hanging out in my belly, growing and kicking and giving me heartburn...:)


  1. Yeah for Charlie, boo for heartburn!

  2. I feel so lucky, too :) I live for those kicks.