Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The awesome doppler/heart rate monitor thing...

When I saw Charlie's heartbeat at 6 weeks pregnant I went online and bought the most awesome heart rate monitor.  I knew I wouldn't hear a hb until at least 10 weeks, but just having it made me feel good.  I bought this one:

Right at 10 weeks I could hear the heartbeat....it was amazing.  Now I know exactly where Charlie is sitting so it takes me less than 5 seconds to find the hb...I check before every appointment (ok...and at least 2 times a week)...

With DD, I had a much cheaper one (around $25), but I never used it as it was just scratchy sounding and I hated it.  Worst $25 I ever spent!  It was the BeBe Sounds...ugh.  Never again.  I will gladly spend the big bucks (ha) to have one similar to the OB's...
I am about to run out of ultrasound gel...need to buy some more stat!!!  Amazon here I come!!!


  1. I may end up buying one of these. I am not sure yet. Are they hard to use?

  2. No, not at all. I tried it without ultrasound gel and it was almost impossible to find the heartbeat. Until you know where to look for the hb, you might have to search for a bit...:) I think it took me a few minutes the first few times...

  3. I got a monitor, but apparently it works best during 3rd trimester. I am bummed :(

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