Thursday, December 9, 2010

19 week 4 day baby bump

Gained 8 pounds since 16 week appointment.  I blame it on the cruise.  This is about what I weighed with DD at this time also, but by this point I have gained 35 pounds....eeek!  Total gained = 8 pounds. 

Sorry about the flash glare...and the dirty mirror...LOL


  1. Awww! Look at your bump! I am up to 30 lbs because of the fluids in hopsital! I am jealous of your 8, LOL. Sounding great, chica!

  2. LOL...I started out this time fatter. Those IF drugs (Clomid, then Lupron, and injectables, plus progesterone) did a number on my weight gain. Booo. Oh, and I thought Metformin was supposed to help me lose....LOL After this is all said and done, once I get back to pre-preg weight I still have another 15lbs to lose to feel normal...:)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Yay for the Baby Bump. Glad you're continuing to do well. :)