Wednesday, December 29, 2010

22 weeks...

How far along: 22 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Uh, I don't count the weight gained from Christmas cookies and I am holding strong at 15 pounds...LOL

Maternity clothes: Yep, although I have had some people comment that I don't look halfway done...hummm...smaller baby?  I hope so!

Stretch marks: Yea, it comes with the miracle...:)

Sleep: Dreaming like crazy lately, but have been sleeping ok (minus the 1-2 bathroom trips in the middle of the night).

Movement: I LOVE OJ, it helps me to really feel Charlie kick.

Cravings: Eh, hit another stage where I am not super hungry (although yesterday I couldn't get enough food).

Gender: Green team all the way!  I found DD's old bedding set (Pooh) and have found many many neutral outfits to last until Charlie is born (and toys!).  Have to let the lady that wants to do my shower know that maybe it should be a diaper and wipes shower (maybe gift cards?)...she wants to do a "Is it a boy or girl" party, I am just not sure I will want to be returning stuff...LOL

Symptoms: Heartburn - nope. Swollen nose/sinuses - yes. Fat ankles - nope. Constipation - yes (bad bad gas pains this week, will have to get my OB's medications list as they didn't give me one). Feeling like my belly grows all day - yes.

What I miss: Nothing. I can honestly say that I love being pregnant (all except for the fear of loss, I don't think after having experienced loss I can ever be like I was with my pregnancy with DD).

What I look forward to: Charlie being viable and being able to play music and feel Charlie move to it...

Moods: Eh, nervous...about everything. Health of the baby, work, bills, etc.

Milestones:  Another week down!  18-ish weeks to go...:)

Medical Concerns: Hopefully none at the moment, we will find out next week at my appt.  I am guessing that the constipation is not making it easy for me to feel Charlie move in there, I know things are ok as I feel him/her every now and then...:)  Oh, and the fetal monitor that I am psycho about helps out a lot too.

Weekly Wisdom:  A break from the internet and is great!

Best moment this week: Christmas morning when DD saw her presents...classic!

Worst moment this week:  Trying to take care of DH while he was super sick.  I say "tried" because being pregnant and trying to take care of someone who has food poisoning would have just made me sick too!


  1. I bet you pop more soon :) I felt huge for weeks, and all of a sudden feel small! And my appetite is all over the place, too. I never know if I want food or not. You look fantastic :) HUGS!

  2. My co-workers had all decided that my baby was a boy based on how I was carrying so I got lots of blue stuff that I had to return when my little girl came along! Hope yours goes better!!!

  3. LOL, I realized that tie is supposed to be tied in the back. Duh. Fixed it, should take a new pic and post it so I don't look so silly...

  4. Glad you're continuing to do well. YAY for baby-bump pic! :)