Monday, December 13, 2010

20 weeks...and u/s!

We had the 20 week u/s this morning, baby Charlie looks great.  Nothing is wrong, measured almost exactly 20 weeks (19w 6d), and we still kept the gender a secret.  I told the u/s tech and she was cool, didn't let me get any sneak peaks.  DD and DH kept reminding me that they think it is a girl, I figure someone should be right, so I say boy (even though I am pretty sure it is another girl...LOL).  Hey, at least we have all the clothes for a girl, right? 
Weekly update

How far along: 20 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Total I have gained about 8 pounds.  The issue here is that I had gained over 10 in the month preceding pregnancy due to the fertility drugs (my body swells) and I had gained another 20 while TTC on Clomid.  So honestly, I am about where I was with DD at this point.  Hoping I don't gain too much as I didn't look like myself at the end with DD.
Maternity clothes: Yes. Not thinking people are questioning it anymore...

Stretch marks: I have found new ones...near my belly button (others are leftovers from DD)...Yay for battle wounds!

Sleep: Doing ok...getting up regularly to use the restroom, and more lately because I think I have a cold...I get thirsty.
Movement: Late afternoon and evenings are the best times for baby Charlie.  At the u/s this morning the little one was not cooperating as much as the u/s tech wanted...even after I drank a glass of oj. 
Cravings: I have been craving pizza since Thursday.  We were going to order some on Saturday night but the blizzard kept that from happening...:( Aversions: None.  Although after eating 4 Christmas cookies, cake at work did not sound appetizing.  I ate it anyway though. 
Gender:  Did not find out today although the u/s tech told me she knew...:)  She was great at hiding the parts, I know what to look for!  Thought I saw something but she assured me I was wrong...LOL
Symptoms: Heartburn - nope. Swollen nose/sinuses - yes (HA!  Thought that was from pregnancy but it is probably a cold as I am losing my voice, although I feel fine?).  Fat ankles - nope.  Constipation - yes.  Not sure if this is a symptom but when I sit on the floor to type on my laptop my legs are both fall asleep. 

What I miss: Not a whole lot of anything actually.  Sushi on Friday (the cooked kind).

What I look forward to:  Charlie being viable.  DD talked about the baby coming now, was a bit hard explaining that the baby has to grow quite a bit more.

Moods: Eh, nervous...about everything. Health of the baby, work, bills, etc.

Milestones: I had drank some oj, was sitting watching TV and felt constant kicks, usually when I tell DH Charlie stops, not this time, he said he felt the kick...pretty cool. 
Medical Concerns:  Forgot to ask about the subchorionic hemmorhage and if it was gone today.  The tech didn't say anything about it so I am assuming it is ok, but I will wait and ask at my appt in 3 weeks if it is gone.

Weekly Wisdom:  A shovel in the car is a good idea if you need to dig yourself out, we had a few issues, but it happens when plows are taken off the road! 
Best moment this week:  Today's u/s and seeing that baby Charlie is doing great in there. 
Worst moment this week:  Don't really have one.  The blizzard was nice, great learning experience driving in it, and fun to stay in the house with DH and DD.  DD and I did some baking!


  1. Woot woot! Glad things continue to go well and that you had another great appointment. :)

  2. Our u/s tech and the doc both know sex - they do it for the scan, but we still are in the dark. Although they did an u/s while I was in the hospital and I THINK it's a girl, but I could be totally clueless, LOL. So glad it went well :) Happy halfway!

  3. Glad everything looks great! I didn't find out the gender of my 2nd either, and it's kind of weird to think that the ultrasound tech, a total stranger, knows what you're having and you don't!