Tuesday, October 26, 2010

13 weeks and OB appt

I totally forgot to do my weekly update.

13 weeks 1 day
Weekly update

How far along: 13 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss:  LOL, I started out 10 pounds heavier than I was in January with this pregnancy, I blame Lupron, BCP, injectables, and progesterone for that.  I was bloated halfway into the 6 week process.  I have gained one pound since 9 weeks pregnant (but I don't think I have gained any up until that point, I didn't know my weight before this cycle). 

Maternity clothes: Yes. There aren't many shirts left that cover my belly...the problem with a lot of maternity shirts (and pants/jeans) is that they aren't long enough for me.  I wear a 33 inseam jean and there aren't many maternity jeans that fit right.  Thankfully I have about 4 pairs.

Stretch marks: Leftover ones from DD. Hoping that Bio-oil and that pregnancy non-scented Palmer's lotion work or at least help a bit.

Sleep: Sleeping ok. 
Movement: I know I am getting close.

Cravings/Aversions: Pickles.  Happened around this time with DD also.  Oh, and olives.  Yum.  Aversions:  Eggs.  Gross.

Gender: We are green team. Finding out at birth. Been having weird feelings it is a boy.

Symptoms: Heartburn.
What I miss: Don't miss sushi anymore, had some last week (cooked) and it was great.  I might have to make that a once a month thing...;)

What I look forward to: I know I will feel movement before my next appointment in 3 weeks....:)
Moods: Uh, is hungry a mood?  LOL

Milestones: Had my 1st trimester screening, did great on 2 of 3 tests, now waiting on results from bloodwork.  13 week appointment today, hearing the heartbeat (OB exclaimed when he heard the hb, it was so strong!)

Medical Concerns: The subchorionic hemorrage.  Had an u/s yesterday and saw that one hemorrage had healed but the other one is still there and near the cervix, will probably see more bleeding.  
Weekly Wisdom: Uh...braindead...no weekly wisdom. 

Best moment this week: Seeing 2 arms, 2 legs, nasal bone, spine, beating heart, stomach, etc at my 1st tri screening yesterday.  Another good moment, getting my OB to sign off on my vacation in less than 4 weeks.  Taking a 7 day Caribbean cruise....had to get OB permission...:) 

Worst moment this week: None.  Hoping to have a great one without any bad moments.

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  1. Glad the screening went well! And that you aren't feeling too ivky. I hope that hemmorhage clears up soon! Happy 2nd trimester :)