Monday, November 1, 2010

14 Weeks

Weekly update

How far along: 14 weeks.

Total weight gain/loss:  A few pounds...literally.

Maternity clothes: Yes. Although the t-shirts still look quite huge on me. 

Stretch marks: Leftover ones from DD. Really noticed them today...I keep forgetting to use the lotion and oils...LOL...the stretch marks are inevitable, I am not scared.

Sleep: Sleeping ok.

Movement: I swear I have felt it already.  Not all the time, but a few thumps here and there.

Cravings/Aversions: Pickles and olives.  Aversions:  meat.  Chicken and pork are ok though.

Gender: We are green team. Finding out at birth. Been having weird feelings it is a boy, but after hearing about Doug's grandma's dream, it is probably a girl...:)

Symptoms: Heartburn and the constipation has started!!!

What I miss: Laying on my tummy to sleep...LOL

What I look forward to: Filling out my maternity clothes.

Moods: Eh, nervous.  It is amazing how different each pregnancy is.  With DD I had no issues at all, but with this one I have been bleeding/spotting for the last 2-3 weeks....and I haven't gained much weight (started out a bit bigger though.

Milestones: Stopped taking the progesterone supps 3x a day.  I didn't quit it cold turkey as I was nervous, so I cut back and a few days ago I stopped it completely.  Also cut back on the Metformin, the OB said I could stop taking it but I cut my dose in half, as I didn't want to quit that cold turkey either.

Medical Concerns: The subchorionic hemorrage. Still having spotting, every few days I listen for a heartbeat to make myself feel a bit better about it all.

Weekly Wisdom: Don't eat a bunch of Halloween candy and expect no heartburn.

Best moment this week: Feeling a few thumps in my uterus....LOL and seeing a definite bump starting. 

Worst moment this week: Constipation.  LOL.  Need more fiber and roughage I guess.  Oh, and realizing the maternity pants I was wearing were causing cramping, had to change to the trusty jeans that go over the belly (wearing with a belly band or they fal down LOL). 


  1. Thanks...feeling the stretching starting to happen...:)

  2. Ahhhhh, super cuteness.

  3. Thanks! Have to find maternity jeans that make it look like I have a butt.