Monday, October 25, 2010

1st Trimester screening

Hello!  Today started my week off great.  Last week, eh, not so much.  So today I have an appointment at a completely different hospital in a different part of town (of course).  The CNM was awesome, if the labor and delivery dept is full at my hospital I will have no issues going to this other hospital.  I had a great u/s, 2 arms, 2 legs, definitely a nose going on, great hb 150bpm, stomach, etc.  Got my finger pricked for bloodwork and I was on my way back to work.  The CNM said the bloodwork would be back in 7-10 days and that I passed the 2 other tests.  The only issue was that the subchorionic hemorrage that was by my cervix is a bit larger (doubled in size) than it was last week, the one near the top of the uterus is gone (healed). 

I have a 13 week appointment tomorrow, supposed to schedule another u/s then also.  I had been debating on changing to a CNM at my clinic, but now I am not so sure as my OB has been awesome.

Guess I should shave my legs for that appointment, but I am hoping for no pelvic exam...LOL

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