Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We have a heartbeat!

The RE told us before the u/s that it is completely normal to not see a heartbeat yet (as I am only 6 weeks along) and that we would need to come back next week for a followup u/s if no hb was found.  Well, he started the u/s and we saw the sac right away, he zoomed in and we saw heart movement.  Yay!  He did his measurements (6 weeks 1 day), and kept looking for additional sacs.  He didn't see any but directed me to ask for an u/s in a few weeks at my first OB appt because he couldn't see the top of my uterus to see if there was a sac there. 

I had mentioned something to him about being pretty bloated and he explained as he showed me my ovaries, they had HUGE cysts on them.  So the bloat is completely normal for someone like me.  Other than that, I had no questions...he reminded me that whatever I take in goes straight to the baby and no hot tubs...DH and I kinda looked at each other and smiled, more on that in a minute.  He also told me that now that they know what works when we are ready to have another child we will know exactly what has to be done.  DH and I have talked about it and we would like another one after this one so I bet the process will be a whole lot faster.  I will definitely be going back to see my awesome RE.

As for the hot tub comment.  Chloe is lucky to be here...lucky in the sense that I wasn't supposed to O on my own, and lucky in the sense that before I knew I was pregnant DH insisted I join him on numerous occasions in a hot tub.  He was so mad when I kept turning him down.  I was so tired and had sour stomach and couldn't bear the thought of time in a hot tub.  Weeks later we found out we were pregnant with Chloe...at our first OB appt the doc mentioned steering clear of hot tubs...then I studied up on it and read that we could have lost her...but we didn't and now she is finally going to be a big sister!  34 weeks to go!  (although I will have to mention that Chloe was over 8lbs and was almost 2 weeks early...)


  1. Congratulations! It's so exciting to see that heartbeat!!

  2. Congrats! When we saw the hb last week I was in so much awe....it's a great moment! Oh, and apparently my cysts are all finally gone, but my ovaries are still huge, so I feel ya on that!

  3. Congratulations! That's so exciting!!!

  4. YEAH!!!!!! So exciting, congrats lovely lady!