Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another year older...

This morning I was woken by my phone ringing...ugh, 7 am comes too early when you work until midnight.  My Mom then starts belting out the happy birthday was cute.  We talked and talked about things, the pregnancy, the house, DD, a newer car, etc.  I even asked her about the bloat.  I guess some women get it and some don't.  I didn't with DD, but I was about 20 pounds underweight when I got pregnant with her.  After I hung up with her I got a few more birthday song was great!  A bit of a reminder that I am yet another year older and missing that baby in my arms, but I am on my way to that again...

Anyway, I have bought myself a few things for my birthday, hoping that I don't jinx myself but I had to get a maternity pillow as I am a belly sleeper and it is getting pretty uncomfortable already to sleep that way.  I also bought a heart rate doppler thing (please let there be a heartbeat on Tuesday!) and I plan on buying some stuff at Bath and Body Works tomorrow.  DH asked what I want, but sometimes I would rather just buy my presents all by myself...;) 

The cutest thing today was that DD gave me a present, some nice smelling candles from Pier 1 in a Halloween/Autumn theme.  Too cute.


  1. Happy birthday :) and I am so going to be getting a Snoogle VERY soon, so I know the feeling :) you got a great gift this year :)

  2. I think that is the one that I bought...Yea, that early bday present was all I wanted...;)