Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well my feathers got ruffled.  Ugh.  As I have said before (and as some of you probably already know) it is rough being pregnant after being infertile for so long.  Do I still consider myself infertile?  Yes.  Do women that have never had children because of infertility think I am infertile, well...probably not.  That is the thing about infertility, it can strike anyone, not just women without children.  Yes, I have a child (it took 5 years with her, we had given up years before we found out we were pregnant with her) and she was a true miracle (especially considering what I had to go through the last 3+ years with TTC), but does that mean I am fertile?  No.  It sure doesn't.  I had people (doctors) tell me that once I had a child my body would probably get back on track...HA!  It doesn't mean I am fertile because I know exactly what I will have to go through again if we want a third child...

And how do I un-follow someone on a blog?  There are a few that have rubbed me the wrong way recently and for the life of me I can't figure it out...:(

Other than that, I feel fine.  It is days like today that have me freaked out, freaked out that I feel ok...when I should probably feel like crap considering it is the first trimester...and it still doesn't feel real (other than the bloat...LOL)


  1. Not sure how to un-follow a blog. Sorry you're having to deal with insensitivity from others during what should be a very happy time! I'm sure it's awkward being a pregnant infertile - you don't totally belong in the world of naive happy fertiles but also don't quite fit anymore (thank goodness!) in the sad frustrated world of infertility.

  2. Annie - Definitely...that is how I wanted to say it but it just came out as a mess of words...Thanks...;)

  3. I completely get it. I am in some really weird in between place, and I don't FEEL pregnant, even WITH ultrasounds, and I don't feel fertile. Ugh.

  4. I'm sorry that you're frustrated. I found this online for how to stop following blogs:

    1.Go to your Dashboard. You will see your reading list with the tab "Blogs I'm Following"

    2.Click Manage (at the bottom of your reading list). It's right next to the "Add" button. You will then see
    "Manage blogs I'm following"

    3.Click Settings next to the blog you want to delete.

    You will get a window showing either
    a. Your profile
    b. Instructions on selecting a profile

    4.If you get Instructions on selecting a profile, select a profile.

    Then you will get a window showing your profile.

    5.In the Your Profile page click "Stop following this site"

    I hope this is helpful!

  5. I consider myself infertile but is someone didn't know me and saw me walking down the street they would definitely argue that.

  6. Hmmmm... this is exactly how I feel. I have had success after 5 years but it was a very long and tough road. I think the label that I put on myself is "extremely fortunate"!