Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mosquitos suck.

Funny...I haven't had to water my grass all summer.  We have gotten so much rain that the grass has managed to stay green.  So yay!  But the problems with this is that there are more mosquitos hanging around.  I knew it was bad when DD woke up one morning telling me her eye hurt, her eyelid was a little swollen.  I gave her some Benadryl and we headed to the doctor.  The doc thought benadryl would take care of the issue (the swelling really wasn't that bad but just enough for people to notice) and he sent us on our way.  I brought her to daycare and headed to work. 

After getting home from work, I went to check on DD (I work afternoons and DH gets her to bed) and I about dies when I saw her.  Poor kid...her eye and chin were so swollen!  I asked DH if he had given her benadryl and he had, but it was just insanely swollen.  I scooped her up and rushed to the ER.  The way she looked, I did get some weird looks from people.  I couldn't figure out why until I thought about it while waiting for the ER doc...LOL...looked like someone hurt her.  Anyway, the ER doc came in and took one look, then gave DD some steroids and more benadryl.  She was fine, acting normal, eating and everything but she just looked miserable! 

A few days later DD was fine...but now she is deathly afraid of mosquitos...and here it is: 


  1. The exact same thing happend to my daughter! She felt totally fine but looked horrible :( But yes I for sure got looks from other moms at daycare like how could I take my child to school looking like

  2. Awwww, hope she's feeling better and wow she's gorgeous.