Thursday, August 12, 2010

Post a pic?

I want to post a pic on facebook of my huge, bloated, painful, fat belly from all the fertility drugs I have been on...joking, I just get tired of dealing with all the IF stuff and seeing pics of pregnant bellies, it is almost enough to have me go insane, but not quite.  Don't get me wrong, I am genuinely happy for all those people that can get pregnant.  But it stings!  Living with SIF is ridiculous.  I though IF was bad, but now I am an emotional mess.  (Blame it on the drugs Erica!)   

Anyway, back to the "poor me" rant...It is amazing what Lupron, Gonal f, hcg, metformin, and progesterone will do to you.  Gosh...the progesterone sucks most of all...makes me feel like I am already pregnant.  Barf.


  1. I'm only a few weeks behind you. But you're right, a bloated follicle belly is worth a picture if a preggo belly can be shown! I want a u/s print out of my follies I can post, too! lol

  2. Yes! Definitely a pic of the follies! Great idea!