Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trigger gone!

So, still feeling like crap.  Well, just having IPS from progesterone, sore chest (LOL), tired, nausea, bloated, and mild cramping pains.  Tested out today to see if the trigger was out of my system and it is, so if I get a + next week then it will definitely be a real one.  Beta isn't until 15DPO (the 23rd), I was debating on waiting until getting the results but I just can't do it!  Especially with all the hpt's in my house. 

So...I believe I will start testing at 10DPO, hoping for that +++++++!!!!  If not, then at least we know the right combination on drugs to not overstim.  Hoping that getting my ovaries working right will get this done...really don't want to pay OOP for IVF.


  1. The Wait is the worst! Will be hoping it's good news next week!

  2. It's a nice feeling, knowing the protocol you're on is the right one, isn't it? I'm not sure I'll test at 10DPO - I'm thinking 12. But that's subject to change!

    Wishing you lots of sticky baby dust!

  3. super exciting!!Isn't it amazing how slow time goes in the 2ww?

  4. Good luck!! I didn't get a bfp with my daughter until 15 dpo, but I would probably start at 10 or 12 like you are :)