Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Mother's Room

Have you heard of these?  Some work places have special rooms for mom's to go and have some privacy when they are pumping milk. 

A few months ago, right before my first injectables cycle I had nowhere to put my needle, so I went on a search for a sharps container.  The buidling I work in has around 400 employees and I just assumed there would be a sharps container somewhere....nope.  So, my next stop was the environmental health and safety guy, he had some sharps containers.  He kept giving me problems about it, asking me if I had one at home.  I told him that I do, then he asks why I can't just bring my needles home.  WTH???  Yes, I want to carry needles in my purse into a house where there is a child and other children that visit.  Yes, I can carry around a big and red container with a bunch of needles in it...what a moron.  He asked why I need them, I didn't give him the whole sob story but he got the point.  So after asking if the company is required to put out a sharps container if someone needs one, he agreed to put one out .  All he said was every time that I need to use it that I need to check out key #19 from the security guards.

Key #19 is for the mother's room.  People don't get it.  It was a slap in the face.  There was a breast pump hanging out every single time I had to inject myself a few months ago.  Now?  The gal must not be breastfeeding anymore because the breast pump is gone.  Score.


  1. Jeez. That seems might awkward for something as reasonable as needing a sharps container. Do they not have any diabetics working for the company?

  2. Exactly...where do they put their needles? And the mother's room? Isn't there another place they could put it, I mean seriously. A reminder for the 5 seconds of the day that I am not thinging about IF.

  3. I wonder if there's such a thing as tiny portable sharps containers? I have the same problem when I have to do shots away from home. I don't want to by carrying used needles around - what if my kids find them?

    Hope you get great news at tomorrow's ultrasound!

  4. I get one every time I order drugs...I just don't want to carry it around with me...;)