Monday, August 2, 2010

Stim day 11 appointment

Looks like the lower dosage for 5 days really slowed things down.  On a positive note there aren't as many follies under 10mm as there were on my cancelled cycle in May (there were 25+ on each ovary).

As always, the only issue is my funky ovaries...;)

L Ovary - 6 follies measuring 10-11mm  15 measuring under 10mm
R Ovary - 3 follies measuring 10-11mm  10 measuring under 10mm

Waiting on E2 levels and then I will get the plan for the next few days. would think that the follies were bigger with all the ovary pain (maybe it is from all the follies that I have?) I expect another appointment on Wednesday...


  1. Glad you're finally seeing some growth, though it is frustratingly slow. Maybe they'll really start to take off now, especially if your med dose goes up.

  2. Saw your update! Yay for all that growth! I hope for the same...

    Same plan, next appt is Wed morning...

  3. Sounds like they have definitely tweaked things a little. I hope it keeps going well for you..

  4. Catching up...

    Glad you've started the injectables cycle.

    Hoping all continues to go well! :)