Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Been thinking a lot about IVF today...

So, I started testing insanely early, first it was to make sure the trigger was out of my system (check) and now each day that goes by I get more and more depressed, that stark white space where I am expecting the faintest of lines is making me crazy. 

So I finally get an O after almost a year since the miscarriage.  My next O could be late September (but I have a work trip to go on so that cycle will be hosed up), so most likely it will be late October, unless the RE can delay things a few weeks while I am gone (not sure if they can do that?).  I am expecting to get AF once I am off of the progesterone (unless by some miracle I am pregnant, remember the ovary I O'd from "could" be blocked as per my RE after my HSG), and then I am expecting to have cysts again and go on the pill for 3 weeks.  So the worst case scenario might end up being the best case scenario if I get a BFN by Monday's beta.  But at least I will have tested already and won't end up crying like a baby on the phone with whatever nurse calls.

What to do?  Keep trying this protocol and hope against all odds that I can end up pregnant again, or take the plunge, save our money, hopefully have less stress having to worry through my 6-10 week long injectable/TI cycles and then try IVF next year?  It seems to me that if I am going to go through all the mess with BCP, then down regulating (and minipill) and then stims (very similar to an IVF protocol) then why don't I just go ahead and do it and have a much better chance???  We will have the money for 1 fresh IVF cycle (our insurance doesn't cover anything for IVF).  Past that we will have to hit the lotto or one of us will have to get mobilized to earn extra money. 

Something I have to be thankful for?  My RE's clinic is rated #14 in the US for successful IVF births.  He said (this is approx as it has been 2 months since we had the consultation) that women under 35 (at his clinic) have a 65% chance at a successful pregnancy, but since we already have a child our odds are much higher.  That gave me warm fuzzies...then twins would be a 50%+ chance.  Nice!  Then we would stop there...3 kids is exactly what we want, plus I don't want to ever go through this crap again.


  1. We're in the same boat with the stark white tests. So depressing.

    Looks like we're in the same metro. Which clinic do you go to?

  2. We were given those same odds...they are damn good!!! Keep breathing!

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  4. Annie - I am in the Minneapolis area. I go to Minneapolis Center for Reproductive Health (MCRH), it is in Maple Grove, MN.
    Kakunaa - Thanks...I am hopeful, but IVF has to wait until we save save save...;)

    Edited because I hate it when I spell stuff wrong. LOL

  5. I definitely understand your feelings...that is precisely why we are doing IVF now. But it is scary, too. I'm afraid we'll have done all this and spent all our money and still end up with out a baby... It sucks all around that it has to be this hard.

  6. Robin - Oh, I know. I am so scared about IVF. All the $ and time...