Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to say and how to say it?

Not really sure how to say it so here goes:

After my down in the dumps day yesterday I went home after work and took a HPT.  I saw a slight hint of a line, DH didn't.  I decided to wait until this morning and take a few tests, hoping for darker results.  Well, yes, I got them.  Faint lines on both wondfo internet cheapies and FRER (First response early result), I decided to use my only digital and it also came up pregnant.  I texted DH the proof.  He asked if we should start telling people, especially after what happened last year (m/c at 4-5 weeks pregnant).  I told him that I think that we should tell, why not?  I learned more about so many people and their losses from being open with mine.   

I am hesitant and not as ecstatic as I should be as I have dealt with early loss before (my last O last Aug/Sep).  After trying for so long I was so happy only to have my hopes and dreams shattered.  I feel different now, different in that I know what to expect with loss.  Different in that I know what will get me to have a "good" O.  Different in that I know I have a chance.  Before the loss I was clueless and had no idea how nervous every pregnancy after a loss would make me.

Beta on Friday and then I am guessing another one on Monday.  Stick baby stick!!!   


  1. Since you are being cautious, so will I, but all the same, congrats may be due. I will be praying this little one sticks and that your numbers look good and go up and up! HUGS. And when she does, I will be jumping up and down for you!

  2. A cautious hooray for you!

    I was teeter-totering between testing tomorrow or not, I think you've convinced me to go ahead and do it. Maybe. LOL

    As for telling - I told a few people last time and EVERY found out. That was rough - last week I had someone ask me how my pregnancy was going....2 months after my m/c. So I'm going to be much more selective with who I tell this time.

    In the meantime - YAY!!!! :)

  3. Kakunaa - Thanks! And the same for you!

    Shannon - Yea, same thing happened to me after my m/c. I would have been obviously pregnant and a guy said "wow you look great for being as pregnant as you are." I looked at him and told him "I had a miscarriage and thanks for reminding me." Sometimes I am a B. ;)

  4. I have been reading your posts, and I really hope this is a sticky one for you! I know you've been through so much! I've been trying for #3 for 32 months now...

  5. Great news!!!! Congratulations :)