Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can I put a number on it?

Not really.  How many months have we been TTC#2?  By my calculations around 42.  Now that is not anywhere close to 42 cycles as I had to get put on drugs many times to get AF and that would take a month and a half per cycle (plus I gave up about 4 times in there also).  DH finished up his time in the Navy in January of 2007 (we are both in the reserves now).  DD and I had moved a few months earlier to start our new life and we were waiting on DH to join us. The 10 years and 7 months that we have been married have been awesome, but I sit and think about this situation and I hate it.  We always wanted kids and it is crazy to think that so much time has just flown by.  We have never prevented pregnancy...before DD I was told I was infertile so I never knew what I couldn't have...and with DD it all changed and since she was born I have been longing for another little one to love...

I sit and think about my options for the future.  If I overstim this cycle my RE will probably tell us that IVF is the next step.  We could have afforded it early next year, but things keep coming up with the house (our lovely money pit).  Now it is a tree.  We had a tree service out to assess what needed to be trimmed and the tree guy told DH that one of our maple trees is really close to being a dead tree and needs to be removed.  Cha-ching!  Wowzers it is going to cost a LOT!  The people that owned the house before us maintained the house and yard horribly.  Well, I would say that they didn't maintain anything at all.  So, if everything goes as planned and I can get an O and if we get a BFP then all this worry about $ is for nothing.  If we get an O and no BFP we know how much FSH I need to get a good O and we will go from there. 

Oh, and the drugs are paid for!  It took a lot, called the pharmacy to check the status of the new prior authorization and they had no clue what was going on.  Nice!  So they told me to call the clinic and get them to call my insurance (TI = drugs paid for, IUI or IVF = drugs not paid for).  Needless to say, after a lot of hoops (and confirmation of TI) we have free Gonal f (well, $9)!  Something positive today...made me smile.

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  1. Congrats on getting the gonal f paid for. I really hope that this cycle is the one for you.