Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This sucks sucks that I don't have to look far to find other women that blog about their infertility sucks because there are so many of us.  It makes me completely sad.  Thankfully I don't know many people in real life (IRL) that have these issues like I do.  The only other ladies I know IRL that have these issues are ladies on Doug's side of the family.  I feel for them and I wish I was closer so I could give them big hugs...;)

So, I found yet another blog that I will be watching...the gal has a post on there from yesterday that mentions adoption.  Do you know how many times someone has said to me "You can always adopt?"  Well, adoption isn't that easy.  First there is the expense, then there is the in home consultations, then the wait...who knows how long that wait could be?  Sandra Bullock adopted and do you know how long that took?  4 YEARS.  And she has a lot more $$ than I do...

On another note, I start Gonal f tomorrow.  I decided that I will mix it tonight as I don't want to have to wake up and do it.  7am comes awfully early when your head doesn't hit the pillow until 2am.  Praying that there is something going on in there and we can see some growth at my appointment on Monday.  Don't want yet another cancelled cycle...those are the worst!  I don't even get the chance to be in a 2ww.  I don't even get that slight chance that there could be a life growing inside of me.

Oh, and I am up to 11 followers!  ;)  I have to try to get this blog out there a bit more I think...if I can help just one lady with her PCOS issues...

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