Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appointment today u/s and E2 levels

My appointment this morning went well.  The nurse checked my uterine lining, it measured 4.5mm (they want it thin at this point), she then checked my ovaries - the cysts that are always there were much smaller this time (which is what they want to see), and my hormone levels proved that I am in "menopause".  The nurse called me back a couple of hours later to tell me the plan.  Tomorrow I lower my dosage of Lupron (from 20 units to 10 units) and I stay on that (once a day) until they tell me to stop.  Then Thursday I start Gonal f!  After stimming for 5 days I will do in on Monday to start follicle monitoring ultrasounds.  I am not sure how many ultrasounds I will have to have, but I am guessing at least one every couple days if not every day.  Hopefully my body responds well to these drugs.  Trying to think positive as I know it will probably hurt me more to be so negative all the time... 

Off to work I go...;)


  1. First of all good luck to you in your fight against infertility. I know how difficult it is to get those phone calls where the nurse tells you the newest plan based on your latest results.... seems like the 'plans' are always changing based on whatever new piece of information the doc finds in your blood. Any way my point for commenting is I am trying to spread the word about an infertility video that was recently posted by a woman named Keiko Zoll. Just google her name and you will see the Vimeo video she just posted in response to the infertility question "What IF", it's an inspirational video that really speaks to those of us that are fighting infertility which is why I wanted to share it :-)

  2. Thanks I appreciate it, I will check it out...;)