Friday, May 7, 2010


So it happened.  After something like 14 days injecting myself (Lupron and now both Lupron and Gonal f), I hit a blood vessel when I injected yesterday morning.  No biggie I thought...yea, but my jeans rub on the bruise/knot and it is freaking irritating.  THEN there is no sharps containers here at work.  I went to ask the guy that deals with that stuff, yes they have some but they don't have lockable tops so they just can't leave them out.  What?!?!?  All these people that work here and none of them need that container?  I might have to raise a stink and get them to get at least one permanent one instead of sending me to the mother's room to shoot up (that room has a locked door and a key that I have to check out).  Like I need to see the stupid breast pump in that room.  It is like a reminder that my body isn't working right...blah...

I had a bad dream Wednesday night.  The dream was that Chloe (4 yo DD) found my Gonal f and injected tap water into it.  I woke up and I thought the dream was real.  Freaked me out.  Yea, that would have been a whole vial wasted.

On that note.  It is Friday.  3 more day until follie check.  Nervous.  I hope that the drugs work this time and that I won't have to pay out of pocket again for them.  And if they don't work I will be talking to the RE/nurses about not doing an IUI next time as I can't afford to keep paying for these drugs every month (no IUI = drugs paid for).

Have a great weekend everyone.

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