Monday, May 10, 2010

Monitoring appt

Well, my monitoring appointment went is early in the process but everything looks good so far.  There was the triple stripe on my uterus, and there were a couple follies on each ovary that measured around 9mm (and there were more than a few smaller than that).  I am still waiting on a call to find out about my E2 levels, and then they will tell me when my next monitoring appointment will be.  The nurses best guess was Wednesday. 

Something that I didn't think was a big deal was that there aren't enough needles that came along with the Gonal f.  Each vial of the med came with 5 needles in a kit (box), I knew that there weren't enough needles, but thought I could just pick some up from Walgreen's.  They are special needles with special measurements!  Aaack!  So after buying the wrong needles at Walgreen's I called the pharmacy I ordered the drugs from and I explained the situation.  First, they sent me the wrong thing (I wanted the multi dose pen which just needs needles but they sent me the multi dose vial which needs a syringe/needle).  Now the pharmacy tells me that the only way I can get that particular needle is to buy another kit.  What???  I am not ordering more drugs when all I need is the syringe/needle.  Ugh.  The vial is 450iu, I use 75iu twice a day, so that would mean I would need at least 6 clue how the pharmacy messed that up.  So they are sending me 10 more needles (to be safe), but they are insulin needles.  I hope they have the right measurements on them...they go by iu not units...  

Waiting waiting waiting for that call to see when the next appointment is...

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