Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IVF Consultation is how it went!

So we arrived at the RE's office a bit early, but then a couple ran in late for an appoinment...bah!  So our appointment started late.  Booo.  The RE came in and sat down and said that I am an anomaly, which is "One that is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify."  With a case like mine (which I guess he doesn't see too often) it is almost impossible to get my ovaries to not overstimulate (that is why I was hurting so bad on Friday!).  Anyway, he explained that all of the drugs we have tried have overstimulated me (the follicles never were mature on Clomid = so other than the m/c in September last year I am Clomid resistant).  The FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) that he put me on was the lowest dosage that he prescribes and I still overstimulated.  He took me off of it and the follies stopped growing but if he had kept me on it my E2 levels showed that I would have had way too many and risked HOM (high order multiples) and then we ran the risk of having to reduce pregnancies.   

So he gave us 4 options: 
1.  Another injectables cycle with an even lower dose of FSH
2.  IVF (he recommended 1 fresh cycle and guesses I will produce 15-20 follies so we should have many to freeze)
3.  Adoption
4.  Be done with our family. <--Yea, not my favorite answer...but whatever.

So I am all for IVF.  The cost is a lot less than I was expecting!  Plus since I don't need as many drugs as "normal" women do that cuts the cost too.  The next IVF cycle through his clinic is in September, which I can't do as I will (should) be traveling to New Orleans for a couple weeks for the Navy.  The next cycle after that is in November.  I think we will do another injectables cycle (with the lower dosage) and see how that goes.  If I overstimulate yet again I will probably just go on the pill until the November IVF cycle.  Unless teh RE has another plan to try.

The RE is very confident.  He gave us the stats on the success rates and they were awesome!  Just for comparison the injectables cycle will be about a 15% chance (normal pregnancy is around this) and an IVF cycle (of a couple that has never been pregnant) is over 65%.  Maybe we can fit 2 injectables cycles in there before IVF (ugh, forgot about the trip I will have to work out those dates and see if we can fit it in...) is the time to round up the money, and sock a lot of money away to be able to pay for this...thankfully I have been saving a little here and there.  Doesn't look like we are gong on that trip to Venice we were planning on next year...we'll see... 


  1. I am glad he had some options for you! Hopefully the injectables will do the trick! What dosage will he have you on?

  2. Well, last cycle I was on 75iu 2x a day. This time it will be 75iu once a day. I am doubtful, but this is the last step before IVF...I am ready!