Thursday, December 22, 2011


So, I haven't been the best blogger in the world.  Eh, whatever. 

I am truly lucky.  Lucky to have the children that I was blessed with, lucky to have a great career (um, 2 of them), lucky to have the best DH a woman could have, and lucky to be alive.  I am truly happy, yet I long for another child.  It is hard to explain to my friends that have never dealt with IF, but how does one know that they are finished having children?  I am not sure that a number can be placed on how many children I would like to have.  DH laughed when I told him that.  I know it will be a struggle for both of us as we work opposite shifts, but a few years of that will benefit our bank account, and will give both of us lots of time with the kids. 

And...I will start Metformin tonight.  And I WILL open the paperwork that arrived in the mail from the RE.  Tonight. 

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