Monday, November 28, 2011

Been a bit quiet...

Apologies...if I have many bloggie readers?  LOL

Why, you ask, have I been quiet?  Well, I have been working some serious hours at work (and for the Navy), and the time I spend at home is spent with the kids.  Facebook, blogs, shopping (eeek!) has all taken the backburner. 

Got the results from the high-risk OB (and RE) and all of my bloodwork looks normal (no blood clotting issues and liver function is normal).  So...we got the go ahead for TTC #3.  Upon getting that news we have also been faced with the possibility that DH might get military orders to be away for 3 months to a year.  So TTC might be taking the backburner.  Not sure yet, which sucks something fierce. 

I keep putting off calling the RE back to get on Metformin and BCP, they probably think I am a huge flake, but I hate to start something if we can't finish it.  I have been debating starting slow (Clomid) but I know what will happen (nothing) so I think we might just get back into it with the IVF med routine and TI.

And on that note...AF has been missing for awhile now.  Last one was the beginning of, not pregnant as my body doesn't work like that.  I did test and was (suprisingly) not disappointed.  Been thinking about calling the OB and getting on BCP to try and get this crazy body in some kind of normal state.  Oh, and I am still fat.  Almost 9 months post baby and I have 20lbs to lose...?  Starting the Reboot your Life program tomorrow...after a trip to the grocery store to spend some serious dough on produce.  Then I might do a cleanse also as my system is all kids of messed up.    


  1. I am still easily 25-30 lbs up! Fucking metabolism :-( I hope you get to have #3! I am hoping for #2!

  2. Hey girl, I still read! My "baby" is 2 1/2 and I am still at least 25 - 30 lbs up despite all my efforts to lose. I guess I will have to begin working out after all... ugh. Love ya and hope things work out well for you.