Thursday, October 27, 2011

High risk...

So, at my appt with my RE I told him I wanted to see a high risk OB to ask questions about pre-e and HELLP happening again.  My appt was yesterday.  The high risk OB was great (the nurse was a bit more informative though), she answered our questions, gave us lots of good info, and we left there feeling great.  1 in 4 chance at pre-e again, and a 5% chance of HELLP if I get pre-e again.  I knew all of that as I have been studying up a bit on it all.  Some blood was drawn to check for blood clotting issues (I had a very bad bleed at 13 weeks with Trey) and those results should come back in a few weeks.  The doc mentioned taking baby aspirin but wasn't sure what I should do since I am allergic to aspirin.  She explained about Trey's placenta not being as healthy as it should have been (clotting issues?  A fluke?  Pre-e and HELLP have no known causes).  She talked a bit about the D&C I had to get placenta out (I just called it the vacuum), and she said there is nothing preventing us trying again.  I mentioned my weight (I am about 25lbs over my "normal" weight) and she said I am within my BMI and weight isn't an issue. 

Funny...she knows my RE.  Small world in the doctor community I guess.  I will be calling the RE to get meds started soon.  I am hoping the Metformin helps out a bit with my weight issues and sugar cravings.  :)  And now I have to get into the TTC mindset again...exciting and scary as my mind keeps going back to the appt with the RE.  Having 2 follies mature was great, but the fact that there were 5 more that were close makes me nervous of overstimulating again.  Guess we'll see what happens. 


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  1. It's always scary to look at statistics for all the things that could go wrong. Having kids is a form of gambling. Great news that you've got the green light and I hope you win big!