Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still no call...:/

The high risk OB hasn't called me back yet, so I will try to remember to call tomorrow.  DH and I have had a long talk about it all and are ok either way...we are so very lucky to have 2 IF miracles.  We always wanted 3 little ones, so it will be hard for us to call it quits (12 years hoping and praying takes a toll on you though)...

T is doing well, he is growing like a weed just like his big sis!  He almost skipped 6 month sized clothes completely.  He is now in 9 month clothes and won't be for long...silly mom bought his winter gear in 12 month sizes...won't last him through the winter!

Had a crappy week, had some water damage to the house - carpet and walls will be getting replaced; lost my purse (maybe stolen?), and found evidence of a rodent in our basement ceiling.  Maybe this week will be better.

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  1. Hi, Erica, I'm Stacey and we're TTC #2. My baby girl is 7 months. Congrats on your new baby boy! Here's hoping lightning strikes again for us both!