Tuesday, September 27, 2011

RE consultation.

The RE was great.  He asked how the baby was doing, wanted to see a pic, and then we jumped right into what he wants to do to get us pregnant again.  He did say that he wants me to talk to a high risk OB (peri) first though as we want to know the chances at this happening again (I have found online that it is 1 in 4 at pre-e again, but nothing for HELLP), and what the path forward will be (bed rest?).  After that is done we can go ahead with Metformin and BCP and then an HSG.  Oh, Metformin AFTER I get my liver function tested....which makes me a bit nervous as this HELLP syndrome thing did a number on my liver. 

So the plan?  He said we could go straight to injectables, but I think I would like to try a round of Clomid (100mg for cd3-12) to see if it will work.  I would rather not put my body through the mess of menopause and injectables again (especially since I haven't lost all the weight!  UGH!)...but we will do what is needed.  He did talk a bit my crazy ovaries and that if did end up doing IVF we wouldn't need to spend much (if any) on injectable drugs as I need 1/3 of what a "normal" gal needs.  LOL  He also mentioned that he was a bit nervous when I got pg as there were 2 follies ready with 3 trailing close behind...so hence the 1 round of Clomid.  I am a bit nervous for multiples...I would welcome them with open arms, but some serious changes would have to be made (take leave from work for an undetermined amount of time etc).

So...tomorrow I will be heading in to the clinic to get some blood drawn, then hopefully I will be getting a call soon as to when my appt with the peri's will be...:)

And this time around feels different.  I have a feeling we are not done with kids, but I am a bit more relaxed about it all. 


  1. So exciting! I'm glad the RE thinks it's ok to try for another!

  2. Glad the consultation went well! I am glad that you are feeling more relaxed and I hope everything goes well!