Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yea.  Why a post about this?  Because I get "looks".  I pull out the bottle, get the formula dispenser, and proceed to make a bottle for my (thriving) baby and women stare.  Now either they are staring at my voluptuous figure or they are judging me.  I say it is the latter.  See, I have been through this before, I tried and tried to breastfeed DD.  I could type up this long blog about why I had to stop, but it really isn't worth my time.  I was heartbroken that I couldn't do the most simple thing for my baby....

Fast forward to baby T.  I got everything ready ahead of time as I knew I would have issues with BF.  I had supplements, a pump, nursing bras (nice ones this time!), nursing nightgowns, clothes, storage for the milk, etc.  I pumped (no joke) 10 times a day for a month (hospital grade pump).  The best milk I ever had was about a week after he was born, I pumped a whole ounce from both breasts after feeding him!  I had appointments with lactation consultants, and I could see the sadness in their eyes...I made it a month before my supply was gone (the last week I was pumping an ounce TOTAL a day). You see, PCOS didn't just doesn't affect my fertility, it also affects my ability to feed my children.  Not to mention my issue with weight loss, my insatiable desire for get the picture.  So my mammary glands suck. So do my ovaries.     

So...formula it is. 

Remember this the next time you look at a gal that is mixing up that bottle of formula.  Or the next time you comment on a post on FB, or your HUSBAND asks a gal if she is BF (yea, thanks dude...kinda awkward), or post about how formula isn't natural, etc.  I have no other choice.  And you know what?  Circumstances are different for everyone, maybe someone had the choice and could BF, but decided to FF, that is their choice.  So trying to scare me with the known risks associated with FF?  Nope...I am feeding my baby, he is thriving, and even though I would love to BF, I don't feel bad about my body not working correctly (ha, now I don't).  Sometimes things don't go as planned.


  1. The main thing is your are feeding your baby and he is doing so well. ignore the looks every mum does the best they can do with what they have. be it breastmilk or formula, private school or public etc we just to the best we can. and the main thing is that our kids feel secure and loved and i'm sure T does. you're a great mum.
    take care

  2. Maybe those people really are just staring at your voluptuous figure. It's surprising that people would be judgmental about breastfeeding. Especially without knowing the story.

  3. You're a great mom - BF or FF - doesn't matter. I have been at both ends of the spectrum myself. Your baby is healthy and growing and is loved - that is what matters. Love ya!

  4. You tried! And I know how much it sucks. I wanted so badly to exclusively BF, but my body said NO! In the end, a happy, healthy baby is what matters. I get glares for publicly BF without a cover, and then I think confusion because I pull out a bottle to FF. We can't live to make others happy...only our children. And hopefully ourselves. HUGS