Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Losers with lice

So...I thought "dirty" people got lice.  Wrong!

The other day DD came up to me and said her head was itchy.  I almost brushed it off to mosquito bites as we had been outside the night before and all of us had been feasted on.  So I lifted her hair and exclaimed, "What the heck are those brown dots?"  About 3 seconds later I figured it out.  After we both freaked out for about 10 minutes I decided to wake the baby up and get to Walgreen's to buy some lice stuff.  I had no clue what to buy.  I bought Rid and did both of us.  The problem with doing yourself is that I couldn't use that special brush.  Anyway, I spent 3+ hours on DD's hair (the whole time asking her if I could just cut it really short - in which she replied "I would rather not look like a boy Mom.") 

The rest of that day was spent washing, vacuuming, washing more, and trying not to freak out.  We had a picnic and a birthday party to attend, neither of which either one of us got too close to anyone.  The next day, I spent another few hours in her hair, finding tiny eggs....shudder....and the day went on, more laundry, vacuuming, etc.  LAter in the evening I felt an itch.  On my scalp.  I thought I had avoided it....nope.  Must have some in my hair from all the laundry...:(  Freaked out again, called a friend, and she spent the evening and the whole next day helping me out with my hair and the house. 

Lice are no joke.  Hoping that we don't have a re-infestation.  Especially since I have to work...don't want to introduce them there...but I bet I already have, unknowingly. 

I think I am going home tonight after work and dousing my head with olive oil. 


  1. Oh how awful! We had that problem here a couple of years ago despite out cleanliness. It was so miserable and SO much extra work. I hope you were able to kill every single one of them. It's worth buying extra shampoo and using it for the next couple of weeks just to be sure!

  2. Yep, bought lots of Lice shampoo, smells nice too! It is a lot of extra work, but now that we have had it I think that it will be easier if it ever happens again as in we'll know what to expect!

  3. Oh no!!!! Glad you're hanging in there!