Sunday, August 14, 2011


Things are going great, T is a wonderful almost 5 month old little boy, my career couldn't be better, my marriage is wonderful, DD is about to start 1st grade, etc.  But other things in my life are wearing me down, it is looking like I have been portraying myself in a way that I wasn't meaning to.  I am really not bitter, at least not now, now I see things differently.  My journey has made me into who I am, not just my TTC journey, but every experience in my adult life has had an effect and I have learned a lot.   

I am taking a break, not just from here, but from message boards also.  This blog has been an outstanding outlet for me, I have gotten a lot of things out there that were having an effect on my life.  If things work out to where DH and I go back to the RE, I will definitely be coming back to post regularly.   

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